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Using Smartphone Crowdsourcing to Redefine Normal and Febrile Temperatures in Adults: Results from the Feverprints Study

Authors: Hausmann JS, Berna R, Gujral N, Ayubi S, Hawkins J, Brownstein JS, Dedeoglu F

Summary: In this study Dr. Hausmann, Dr. Dedeoglu, and collaborators developed a smartphone application called Feverprints that allowed participants to log their body temperature at various times throughout the day. This large pool of crowdsourced data showed that body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and are influenced by variable such as age and gender. The study also suggests that recording a single temperature may not be a good measure of febrile illness and that a more personalized metric to assess fevers is needed.

Publication Information: Journal of General Internal Medicine, December 2018

Adolescent and Young Adult Use of Social Media for Health and Its Implications

Authors: Hausmann JS, Touloumtzis C, White MT, Colbert JA, Gooding HC

Summary: Drs. Hausmann and Dedeoglu and their collaborators surveyed adolescents and young adults about their health related social media use. They found that a majority of the participants in the study shared health information on social media but 75% recognized that social media was not a reliable source of health related information. Those with self-reported poor health were more likely to share information on social media. This study helps physicians to better understand how young people share information about their health.

Publication Information: Journal of Adolescent Health, June 2017