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Tommy Fuss Center Research Grant Program | Overview

2022 call for grant applications

The Tommy Fuss Center for Neuropsychiatric Disease Research at Boston Children’s Hospital is pleased to announce a new round of funding for our Research Grant Program. Our Research Award Program is designed to promote the mission of the Center by providing support for young and independent investigators to conduct research projects in the area of pediatric neuropsychiatric disease.

The Tommy Fuss Center was created in 2016 to advance understanding of developmental pathways leading to major neuropsychiatric disorders. The primary goals of the Center are to develop innovative strategies to identify children and adolescents at risk for anxiety, depressive, and psychotic disorders along with transformative new therapies that can limit the progression or even prevent the emergence of these disorders.

The Research Award Program is intended to facilitate innovative research opportunities and supports basic, translational and/or clinical investigators. All research must be relevant to our understanding, treatment and prevention of serious psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia; bipolar; mood and anxiety disorders; or ADHD with child or adolescent onset. Individual research projects can range from initial proof of concept and pilot data to more comprehensive hypothesis testing studies, with a goal of attracting longer term funding from internal and/or external funding agencies.  Innovative and collaborative studies utilizing new technology or leveraging recent advances in behavioral science, genetics and/or neuroscience are encouraged. In addition to supporting the full ranges of relevant neurobiological and psychobiological basic research, we also support clinical science, which can include careful studies using qualitative research approaches or research generating preliminary data to explore a new hypothesis generated by clinical experience or large sample studies.


Young Investigator Award provide support for the most promising young scientists conducting pediatric neuropsychiatric research. These two-year awards are up to $50,000 ($25,000 per year inclusive of 15% overhead) to enable promising investigators to begin careers as independent research faculty.

Independent Investigator Award provides support for investigators at the rank of assistant, associate or full professor who have an established record of research. These two-year awards are up to $150,000 ($75,000 per year inclusive of 15% overhead) to enable scientists who are clearly independent and have won national competitive support as a principal investigator.

See the Request for Application for additional information.  We no longer require a Letter of Intent. The complete application is due May 5, 2022. Please email to submit a letter of intent or with questions.

Request for applications