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The Tommy Fuss Center Discovery Core assembles resources to streamline neuropsychiatric disease investigation. Cutting-edge techniques and powerful tools based on genetics, neuroimaging, stem cell science, bioinformatics, and other new modalities being developed, are being applied to intensively explore the developing brain and the anomalies that can lead to the development of neuropsychiatric disorders. Through genomic sequencing and imaging we can identify the genetic underpinnings of disease and begin to penetrate the origins of psychiatric disorders. We have already made progress in discovering biomarkers and genetic abnormalities in children diagnosed with psychosis and other neuropsychiatric diseases. Our first product is the creation of a screening tool to detect early-onset psychosis in children at younger ages than was previously possible.

In addition to research performed within the Tommy Fuss Center Discovery Core, the center also supports exploratory, innovative research endeavors through the provision of grant funding. This seed money funds novel ideas that will lead to new lines of research and, ultimately, treatments.

Next Generation Awards are intended to advance the research productivity of outstanding scientists and laboratories to build research programs investigating developmental neuropsychiatric disease. These grants support basic research, fund pilot programs, establish proof of concept, and generate preliminary data to enable investigators to leap to the next stage of research.

Innovation Awards are given to support pilot studies and research projects that advance the mission of the Tommy Fuss Center by exploring novel and promising domains, specifically to open up innovative avenues of discovery that can seed more mature research.

Young Investigator Awards provide support for the most promising young scientists conducting pediatric neuropsychiatric research. These two-year awards enable promising investigators to begin careers as independent research faculty.