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Former Team Members

Colleen Barrett Bixby, MPH

Colleen Barrett Bixby, MPH

Mrs. Bixby is the program coordinator at the TCRC. She has a background in cultural anthropology, as well as a master’s degree in public health with a concentration in international health. Bixby first came to the TCRC in 2009 as a public health intern to support the evaluation of Project SHIFA. She is interested in health disparities and how psychosocial research can be integrated with community-based work as part of the approach towards reducing them.

Seetha Davis Seetha Davis

Seetha Davis is a research assistant at the Trauma and Community Resilience Center at Boston Children’s Hospital and an MD-PhD student at Harvard Medical School. Her work focuses on sources of stress and resilience for children and families, including language-concordant healthcare, educational resources for providers, community-based mental health interventions, and child health literacy. Through research and clinical practice, she aims to care for and collaborate with communities to promote mental and physical well-being and advocate for pediatric health equity. Seetha worked as a research assistant full-time at the TCRC from 2019-2021 and remains a collaborator on several projects.