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How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an initial appointment, please call 617-355-7025.

We will send you an email containing an overview of the program’s information, approximate wait time, as well as the intake paperwork. A member of our staff will then reach out to you to help schedule your first appointment.

What happens in the first visit?

We will spend your child’s first appointment discussing their medical history, toilet training history, and any current behaviors surrounding toileting. Next, you will share any physical concerns that you may have about your child about toileting. The clinician will let you know if we recommend any testing.

After this, the clinician will work with you and your child to develop a personalized plan based on your child’s condition. This plan may include behavioral interventions to do at home, certain medications, or both.

Follow-up appointments occur typically every six weeks to monitor progress and to adjust the program and interventions. Your child’s care team will continue to follow them until both you and the provider feel your child has successfully gained all the skills needed.

    How do I prepare my child for a visit in the Developmental Medicine Center Toileting Program?

    How long will the visits take?

    Your child’s first appointment will take approximately one hour. Follow-up visits are typically 40 minutes.

      How can I help my child while we wait for an appointment?

      Web Based Resources

      Helpful Books for Parents about Toilet Training

      • Toilet Training: The Brazelton Way, by T. Berry Brazelton M.D.
      • The Potty Journey, by Judith Coucavanis
      • Toilet Training Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Issues, by Maria Wheeler

      Can you explain the billing process?

      Please visit our Patient Financial Services webpage for information on the billing process.