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Toileting Program

The Developmental Medicine Center’s Toileting Program, formerly known as the Pain and Incontinence Program (PIP), at Boston Children’s serves patients with a wide range of toileting concerns. These concerns include:

How we care for children with toileting difficulties

As part of the Developmental Medicine Center, our team of doctors and nurse practitioners specialize in evaluating and treating developmental, behavioral, and medical factors that may be associated with your child’s toileting difficulties.  

Our clinicians have extensive experience in a wide range of neurodevelopmental diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety so we can create tailored, developmentally appropriate treatment plans for every patient.

Why choose the Toileting Program at Boston Children’s?

We conduct comprehensive evaluations for both physical and emotional/behavioral components of toileting challenges to determine an individualized treatment plan. Your child’s plan may include medication, behavioral interventions, collaboration with school personnel or community providers, and appropriate sub-specialty referrals.

We are offering in-person appointments for your first visit at our 2 Brookline Place location.  After your initial in-person consult, virtual visits may be an option for follow up visits.