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We are pleased to announce that the Pain Treatment Center is now located at 2 Brookline Place in Brookline, Mass. This new expanded allows us to provide the same high-quality care in one centralized location. For information on directions and parking, click here.

The Pain Treatment Center operates, participates in, or refers children and adolescents to separate clinics or programs that address different forms of pain or pain in different settings:

Inpatient Pain Service

The Inpatient Pain Service is a dedicated team of physicians and nurses who specialize in managing pain in infants, children and young adults during a stay in the hospital.

Chronic Pain Clinic

The Chronic Pain Clinic treats children who have a variety of pain problems, including complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), pain due to cancer, pelvic pain, back pain, abdominal pain, and many other painful conditions, all on an outpatient basis.

Chronic Headache Program

The multidisciplinary Chronic Headache Program in Pain Medicine brings together experts specializing in pain management, neurology, psychology, and mind-body medicine to help young people and their families learn to manage chronic, complex headaches.

Home Analgesia Program

The Home Analgesia Program works with Boston Children’s surgical, anesthesia, and nursing teams to identify young patients for whom catheter-based regional anesthetics may be appropriate. We then create a comprehensive plan for care that begins before surgery and continues for two weeks afterward.

The Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center (PPRC)

The Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center (PPRC) at Boston Children's Brookline is an intensive rehabilitation program that serves the needs of children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 18 who continue to suffer disabling, chronic pain despite having outpatient treatment. Most patients referred to this clinic have been diagnosed with CRPS.

Medical Acupuncture Service

This clinic specializes in the use of acupuncture performed by trained physicians to treat painful conditions. See more about the Medical Acupuncture Service.

Pediatric Interventional Pain Program

The Pediatric Interventional Pain Program offers a variety of minimally invasive interventional pain management options to eligible patients, including spine procedures, peripheral nerve blocks, muscle, joint and bursa procedures and more.

Regional Anesthesia Program

The Regional Anesthesia Program works closely with Boston Children’s Division of Pain Medicine and all of the surgical specialties to provide young patients with the safest and most effective anesthesia and pain control available.

The Comfort Ability® Program

The Comfort Ability® Program supports children and adolescents with chronic or recurrent pain problems such as headaches, abdominal pain, muscle, nerve, or joint pain. The program is based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and teaches an array of proven strategies that support recovery. Workshops for teens (ages 10 to 17) and their parents/caregivers are offered in person or virtually.

Young Adult Pain Rehabilitation Center

The Young Adult Pain Rehabilitation Center (YAPRC) is an intensive rehabilitative program for young adults between ages 18 and 26, who have ongoing chronic pain and limitations in completing typical daily activities after they have tried outpatient treatments.