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Research & Innovation | Overview

While treating children and teens with IBD is a big part of our mission, we are also committed to researching the biological causes of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. By better understanding what causes these conditions — and closely studying the precise ways they affect the body — our team can provide the top care for our patients, informed by the most up-to-date research and clinical knowledge.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment and Research Center

Doctors and scientists at the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment and Research Center are constantly studying the causes of IBD and working on ways to develop new treatments to help patients that don't respond well to typical treatments.

Currently, our researchers are studying:

  • how bacteria affect the intestines of IBD patients
  • how the immune systems of patients with IBD are unique
  • new medications to treat IBD
  • how children with IBD respond to different immunizations
  • new, noninvasive methods that would make diagnosis easier for future patients

Many of our patients participate in these studies and clinical trials because they are interested in helping progress the understanding and treatment of IBD, for themselves and children all over the world. Participation in clinical studies is 100 percent voluntary.

As research in this exciting field continues to evolve, Boston Children's doctors and scientists are confident they will be able to improve diagnostic tests and treatments for the condition, making life with IBD much easier for young children and their families.