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For Medical Professionals | Overview

We understand you want to provide your patients with the best possible care, and the team at Boston Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center shares that goal with you.

We are committed to a collaborative approach to achieve superior outcomes for patients, quickly returning them to their lives and your care. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about patients, formally and informally, at any stage in their management.

Referring a patient or seeking a second opinion

To refer a patient or seek a second opinion from Boston Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, contact us at 617-355-6058.

In order to provide the best care possible we ask that when contacting us you also provide:

  • most recent physical from primary care physician and/or gastroenterologist
  • most recent pertinent consultation notes (within one year)
  • growth charts
  • lab tests and results
  • endoscopy reports with color photos
  • biopsy reports from endoscopic procedures
  • pathology slides (sent to IBD Center directly)
  • diagnostic imaging (CT, x-rays, US, MRI, UGI) on CD

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