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Clinical Trials | Overview

Boston Children’s is known for pioneering some of the most effective diagnostic tools, therapies, and preventive approaches in matters relating to rheumatology. A significant part of our success comes from our commitment to research and advancing the frontiers of mental health care by conducting clinical trials. 

Boston Children’s coordinates hundreds of clinical trials at any given time. Clinical trials are studies that may involve:

  • evaluating the effectiveness of a new drug therapy
  • testing a diagnostic procedure or device
  • examining a treatment method for a particular condition
  • taking a closer look at the causes and progression of specific diseases

Taking part in a clinical trial at Children’s is entirely voluntary. Our team will be sure to fully address any questions you may have, and you may remove your child from the medical study at any time.

Search current and upcoming clinical trials at Boston Children’s.

Search the National Institutes of Health’s list of clinical trials taking place around the world.