The opportunity to care for patients and impact their lives is a privilege.



Undergraduate Degree

  • Boston University , 1988 , Boston , MA

Medical School

  • University of Connecticut School of Medicine , 1992 , Storrs , CT


  • Floating Hospital for Infants & Children , 1993 , Boston , MA


  • Floating Hospital for Infants & Children , 1995 , Boston , MA


  • Boston Children's Hospital , 1999 , Boston , MA

Philosophy of Care

I knew that I wanted to study medicine since I was a young teenager, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The science of medicine fascinated me; but even more than that, the opportunity to care for patients and impact their lives seemed a privilege.  I particularly love pediatrics, since I get to watch children grow, and have been practicing just long enough that some children I cared for as infants are about to go off to college!  I am blessed with three children of my own, who teach me more about pediatrics than anyone.


I have been on staff as a member of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Division since I finished my fellowship training in 1999.  I see both local and international pediatric patients with arrhythmias, and care for patients with pacemakers/defibrillators as well.  I see patients with a wide variety of common complaints, including chest pain, palpitations, and fainting referred from local pediatricians.  My clinics are located in Boston and at the Waltham satellite facility.  While once interested in mouse models of inherited arrhythmias, I am now focused solely on clinical practice.


  • American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology


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