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Cassandra Len | Professional History

Cassie Len, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is dedicated to working with children and families of all backgrounds. Cassie attended Fordham University where she completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and then worked briefly in the field before returning to graduate school. She completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy which focused on understanding how an individual's relationship to their system impacts their daily lives. Cassie began as an intern at a small group collaborative working with couples and families and has since supported clients both within in-home and outpatient practices. Although she enjoys working with all children/adolescents, Cassie has found her passion in helping to support families as they navigate various life phases such as age transitions, moves, family changes, etc. In her free time Cassie enjoys spending time with her dog, watching Boston sports, and trying new recipes in the kitchen.