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Rotation description

The elective clinical and research rotation in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology offers medical students the opportunity to learn about the diverse patients and their conditions seen in our pediatric and adolescent gynecology department. Students will learn how to evaluate and manage common and rare pediatric and adolescent gynecology conditions. Students will work as a part of a multidisciplinary team that includes faculty, fellows, residents, and advanced practice providers. Students will attend monthly perioperative conferences, M&M, grand rounds, and multidisciplinary didactic conferences. Under the mentorship of program faculty, students have the option to also initiate or continue a research project during the rotation.

The Division of Gynecology at the Boston Children’s Hospital was established more than 40 years ago and currently has one of the busiest clinical programs in pediatric and adolescent gynecology in the United States. The division sees a diverse set of patients and serves as an international referral center for many rare conditions. Boston Children’s motto is “where the world comes for answers.” Our service is a consultation service as well as one that collaborates in multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient clinical settings. We perform a large volume of inpatient and outpatient procedures/operations.

We provide specialty services for individuals from birth through early adulthood relating to vulvovaginitis, vulvar dermatologic abnormalities, labial hypertrophy, vulvar lesions/masses, congenital abnormalities of the hymen, vaginal abnormalities (agenesis of the lower vagina, transverse vaginal septum, longitudinal vaginal septum, agenesis of the vagina, MRKH), cervical and uterine anomalies (cervical agenesis, obstructed uterine horns), ovarian cysts or masses/tumors, fallopian tube and broad ligament cysts, pelvic pain, contraception, menstrual irregularities, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases, gynecologic injuries/trauma, transgender reproductive and sexual health (pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding on testosterone, menstrual suppression, fertility counseling, gender-affirming hysterectomy, neovaginal care) and gynecologic/fertility issues relating to treatment of cancer patients/survivors. The Gynecology Program functions as part of the Department of Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital and has numerous collaborative efforts with the Department of Surgery, Department of Urology, Division of Adolescent/Young Adult Medicine, and the Division of Endocrinology. Multidisciplinary clinics include the Colorectal and Pelvic Malformation Clinic, Center for Gender Surgery, Gender Multidisciplinary Service (GeMS), BEING-U (our Intersex/DSD clinic), and Young Women with Bleeding Clinic.

Rotation objectives

  • participate in the clinical experience of subspecialty care for patients in pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  • learn the skills needed to effectively take a history and come up the appropriate evaluation and plan
  • to develop medical knowledge in the field of pediatric and adolescent gynecology, understand the diverse patient populations seen in the field, and the evidence behind, and variations in approaches to, care

Selection of applicants

Interested applicants should submit their CV, a letter discussing their interest in the program, and a letter from their school confirming they are in good standing. Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis based on review of submitted materials and availability of rotation.

Application submission

Please submit any applications to Elizabeth Johnson at