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Volunteers | Overview

Looking to volunteer for the Adventure Challenge Program? You can get involved by becoming a “coach” for 1-on-1 exercise with a child or by helping out with the bi-weekly yoga class.

Requirements for volunteers

  • Adults age 18 or over
  • Students at local colleges and graduate schools (often planning careers in medicine, PT, or other health services) OR Children's Hospital employees who are interested in mentoring
  • Volunteers are screened (background check, immunizations, application, and interview)
  • Training includes Adventure Challenge training seminar as well as First Aid and CPR certification.

Steps to volunteer


  1. Complete application form including references 
  2. Brief interview
  3. Reference and background check
  4. Occupational health screening
  5. Adventure Challenge Training Seminar (3 hours)
  6. CPR and First Aid Certification
  7. Get Boston Children's Hospital Associate Personnel ID Badge
  8. Match meeting with child and family
  9. Begin Adventure Challenge! 

To start the process, Contact Program Coordinator, Nandini Mallick, at