Lung Transplantation | Long-Term Outlook

What is the long-term outlook following a lung transplant?

Lung transplants are becoming increasingly successful as researchers learn more about how the body deals with transplanted organs and search for ways to improve children’s quality of life both before and after transplant.

A lung transplant is a life-long journey. Your child will not only take medication to prevent the new lungs from being rejected for the rest of their life, but will also have routine follow-up appointments to monitor health and adjust medications as needed. Medication adherence is critical to minimize the development of rejection.

Growth and development following lung transplant

Following transplant, most children will develop and grow both physically and cognitively, just like kids their own age. They’ll be able to return to school three to six months post-transplant. While precautions need to be taken, they can still play sports and spend time with friends.

In general, the goal of a lung transplant is to improve your child’s overall quality of life. Our hope is that it will allow them to feel well and do the activities they enjoy.