Testing & Diagnosis for TORCH in Children

How is congenital syphilis diagnosed?

A simple blood test can determine if a mother or her child has syphilis.

For older infants, in which the disease has progressed, an eye exam, bone x-ray or spinal tap can detect the presence of syphilis in the eyes, bones or brain and central nervous system, respectively.


How is Congenital varicella syndrome diagnosed?

If you contract chicken pox during her pregnancy, fetal ultrasounds can monitor your baby to determine if varicella affects its development.


How is congenital fifth disease diagnosed?

Fifth disease is usually diagnosed based on a medical history and physical examination. The rash and progression of fifth disease is unique and can easily be diagnosed.

A blood test can determine if the mother:

  • is immune to fifth disease
  • has been recently infected

To determine if the baby has been infected with fifth disease, your physician can test for parvovirus B19 in amniotic fluid or fetal blood.


How is HIV diagnosed?

If your in infant is born to an HIV-infected mother, he may not test positive at birth and it may be necessary for him to undergo multiple blood tests at different intervals during his first 6 months of life.