Current Environment:

Since 1997, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) has offered a senior clinical fellowship in heart failure/cardiomyopathy/transplant (ACT). We have trained a total of 12 fellows in clinical cardiomyopathy, end stage heart disease, and transplantation. The duration of the basic clinic training program is 12 months. Fellows chosen for senior ACT training from within our own general cardiology fellowship program will typically start six months early to incorporate supervised research time into their training, resulting in nine months of research and nine months of clinical training. For external candidates, three months is dedicated to research time. Candidates for the senior clinical fellowship in Pediatric Heart Failure/Transplant must have successfully completed a clinical fellowship in pediatric cardiology or adult cardiology at an accredited institution. Candidates must demonstrate an aptitude for interpretation of invasive and non-invasive imaging and sound clinical decision making in a high-acuity care setting. Preference is given to individuals who desire to continue their careers in an academic environment, and have demonstrated interest and success in basic or clinical research. Goals and objectives for training are to provide clinical competency in heart failure, VAD, cardiomyopathy, and heart transplantation; to complete a research publication in the field with goals and plan for early career; and to provide an understanding of the regulatory requirements and program development issues for education, UNOS, CMS, and protocol development to build a career toward medical director at a UNOS-approved transplant facility. To apply to the ACT senior fellowship program, you may download application here.

Timeline for application and selection

  1. Deadline for completed application: Aug. 15 (for fellowships beginning July 1 of the following year)
  2. Interviews: Aug. 16 through Sept. 30
  3. Final selection: Oct. 1

Contact information

Kelly Hill
Boston Children’s Hospital, Department of Cardiology
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Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-355-6329; fax: 617-734-9930