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For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at:

Main Campus
333 Longwood Ave., 2nd floor 
Boston, MA 02115 
T: 617-355-6000

269 Walpole St.
Norwood, MA 02062
T: 781-216-2550

9 Hope Ave.
Waltham, MA 02453
T: 781-216-2100

For international patients

If you live outside the United States, please contact Boston Children's International Health Services, which can help you with records and appointment scheduling. The Center also assists with customs and immigration, transportation, hotel and housing accommodations

Second opinions

We welcome patients and families seeking a second opinion about the care of their thyroid nodule or thyroid cancer.

The Boston Children’s Hospital Thyroid Center offers two options for requesting a second opinion:

  • Visit our experts in person
  • Get an online second opinion

Please visit our Second Opinion Program page to learn more about the best option for you and your child.

If you are seeking a second opinion, we request that you provide the following information:

  • Notes, letters, and reports from any previous providers who have evaluated the thyroid nodule/cancer (including clinic notes and operative reports)
  • Laboratory test results
  • Reports and digital copies of images (on CD or DVD) from any imaging procedures (including ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans, PET or other nuclear medicine scans)
  • Pathology reports from any biopsies or surgeries
  • Original pathology (or cytology) slides from any biopsies or surgeries

Providing as much of this information as possible will allow us to perform a comprehensive review of all available information to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment recommendations for your child.