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IBD Multidisciplinary Medical Surgical Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Medical Surgical Clinic at Boston Children’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center is a clinic for children who have either had surgery or are considering surgery as a treatment for IBD.

There are different reasons why a provider may recommend surgery for your child. Some patients may have IBD that is severe or can’t be managed medically. Others may have complications of IBD, such as strictures or fistula. Some patients with Crohn's disease may have severe perianal disease.

No matter the reason, the decision to pursue surgery requires careful coordination between your child's treating gastroenterologist and surgeon. Surgical outcomes are often influenced by a child's nutritional status so close involvement with a dietitian is important. Our social workers help support children and families to be sure we are addressing both their physical and emotional needs.

That’s why, at the IBD Multidisciplinary Medical Surgical Clinic, your family will meet with a surgeon, gastroenterologist, nurse practitioner and educator, dietitian, and social worker — all of whom specialize in IBD. Our team will review any available images and records from other institutions as well.

What to expect

Being part of this clinic does not transition your care from your primary gastroenterologist and surgeon. Instead, it allows both teams to collaborate to ensure your child is getting well-rounded care, with fewer trips to Boston Children’s.

The initial visit will take about two to three hours so that each clinician has time to speak with you and your child, coordinate a treatment plan, and provide recommendations. Please consider bringing games, books or electronics, as well as snacks, to keep your child occupied during this wait time.

Meet the dedicated team of clinicians who see patients in our IBD Multidisciplinary Medical Surgical Clinic

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For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email with “IBD Medical Surgical Clinic” in the subject line or call 617-355-2962.