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The MUSIC (Medicine United with Surgery in Caring for IBD patients) clinic here at Boston Children’s Hospital is a clinic within the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center. This multidisciplinary clinic is offered for children who have either had surgery or are considering surgery as a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. We also provide second opinions on medical management/treatment recommendations for IBD patients.

At the MUSIC clinic, your family will meet with surgeons, gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, and a dietitian and social worker — all of whom specialize in IBD. Our team will collaborate with your primary gastroenterologist and surgeon to give our treatment recommendations and follow-up care.
There are different reasons why your provider may recommend the MUSIC clinic for your child. Some patients may have severe IBD that is difficult to manage medically and may benefit from a second opinion to determine whether other medical treatment options are available, and if they require a surgical consultation. Other patients may have complications of IBD — such as strictures, growth failure, abscesses, or severe perianal disease — that benefit from a multidisciplinary team of providers to offer treatment recommendations. 

We also treat patients who have had surgery for ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease to provide comprehensive, long-term care.

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Meet Connor

After three surgeries to treat his ulcerative colitis, he is on the road to eating his favorite foods again without pain. Learn more about Connor's complex condition.

What to expect

Being part of the MUSIC clinic does not mean you have to transition your care from your primary gastroenterologist and surgeon. Instead, it allows both teams to collaborate to ensure your child is getting comprehensive care, with fewer trips to Boston.

The initial visit will take about two to three hours to make sure that each clinician has time to speak with you and your child, coordinate a treatment plan, and provide recommendations. Please consider bringing games, books, or electronics, as well as snacks, to keep your child occupied during this wait time.