Autism Spectrum Center | Research & Innovation

The Autism Spectrum Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing the best care for children with ASD and their families. Part of what is so special at Boston Children’s is the cutting edge research being done to try to understand ASD better. If you would be interested in having your child participate in research please see the studies that are currently accepting new participants. Some are studying treatments and others are observing specific things about individuals with ASD. If any of these seems interesting to you and you want to hear more about it please contact the research coordinators. We cannot learn more about autism without you!

Observational/Non-Intervention Studies

Infant Screening Project (ISP) BOAT Study (Boston Outcomes of Autism in Toddlers) Investigations of Neuroplasticity Mechanisms in Autism Spectrum Disorders Simulation to prepare children with autism for clinical EEGs by reducing child behavioral distress and parental anxiety Project CRUSH (Competence in Romance and Understanding Sexual Health) Genetics of Epilepsy and Cognitive Disorders SPARK: Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge Investigating the Cellular Basis of Neurological Disorders Neural Markers of Fragile X Syndrome IDEA Study (Individual Development of Executive Attention)

Treatment Studies

Roche Aviation Clinical Trial

ASD-Related Studies

Neural Markers of Fragile X Syndrome Pilot Study of JASPER in Down Syndrome Mechanisms of Change with Early Intervention in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex