Current Environment:

Researcher | Research Overview

Michael's research is all centered around refining and creating new imaging techniques, and implementing image analysis strategies.


Researcher | Research Background

Michael completed his graduate work in Yana Reshetnyak and Oleg Andreev's lab at the University of Rhode Island. While there he helped develop a new imaging based technique to measure the pH within nanometers of a cell membrane. He conducted photodynamic therapy research in Jon Celli's lab at UMass Boston and cell migration and imaging technique research in Jay Thiagarajah's lab at BCH.

Selected Publications

  1. Anderson, M., Moshnikova, A., Engelman, D. M., Reshetnyak, Y. K., & Andreev, O. A. (2016). Probe for the measurement of cell surface pH in vivo and ex vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(29), 8177-8181.
  2. Viola-Villegas, N. T., Carlin, S. D., Ackerstaff, E., Sevak, K. K., Divilov, V., Serganova, I., ... & Engelman, D. M. (2014). Understanding the pharmacological properties of a metabolic PET tracer in prostate cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(20), 7254-7259.
  3. Barrera, F. N., Weerakkody, D., Anderson, M., Andreev, O. A., Reshetnyak, Y. K., & Engelman, D. M. (2011). Roles of carboxyl groups in the transmembrane insertion of peptides. Journal of molecular biology, 413(2), 359-371.
  4. Narayanan, T., Weerakkody, D., Karabadzhak, A. G., Anderson, M., Andreev, O. A., & Reshetnyak, Y. K. (2016). pHLIP peptide interaction with a membrane monitored by SAXS. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120(44), 11484-11491.
  5. Celli, J. P., Anderson, M. D., & Kumar, S. (2017). Cancer Biophysics.
  6. Anderson, M., El-Hamidi, H., & Celli, J. (2018, March). Cellular pH and PI3K signaling as determinants of Protoporphyrin IX conversion and ALA PDT response. In Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XXVII (Vol. 10476, p. 104760R). International Society for Optics and Photonics.