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Meet Our Team

Matt Sampson, MD, MSCE Matt Sampson, MD, MSCE | Email

Matt is a pediatric nephrologist and genetic epidemiologist in the Division of Nephrology at Boston Children’s Hospital. He completed his residency and fellowship training at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and received his MS in clinical epidemiology with a focus on human genetics at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to taking a “kidneyomics” research approach to glomerular disease, he cares for many children with diverse kidney diseases. He seeks to identify those children with a likely genetic basis of their disease for inclusion in research studies and disease-based registries.


Dongwon Lee, PhD Dongwon Lee, PhD | Email

Dongwon’s research involves understanding the fundamental gene regulatory mechanisms in the context of human complex diseases. He has specifically focused on decoding transcriptional regulation and has made substantial progress in developing computational frameworks for analyzing multi-omics data sets.


Michelle McNulty, MS Michelle McNulty, MS | Email

Michelle is a statistical geneticist leading our APOL1 analyses. She also works on targeting causal genes through the integration of expression quantitative trait loci and nephrotic syndrome genome-wide association studies. During her graduate program, she studied the effects of heterogeneous populations on fine-mapping efforts. She obtained her master's degree in biostatistics as part of the Genome Science Training Program within the Center for Statistical Genetics at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.


Kati Carson, MS Kati Carson, MS | Email

Kati is our lead research coordinator, leading our efforts in recruiting patients with kidney conditions from within Boston Children’s and beyond. Prior to joining our group in December 2019, Kati received her master’s degree in health informatics at the University of Michigan. She has also been a clinical researcher at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Chris Benway, PhD Chris Benway, PhD | Email

Chris is a computational biologist whose work focused on expression quantitative trait loci studies in kidney tissues toward a better understanding of pediatric conditions. He received his PhD from Tufts University, where his dissertation focused on micro-RNA and mRNA analysis of calcineurin inhibitor induced nephrotoxicity. He did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he performed epigenomic profiling of the human lung.


Alexandra Barry, BS Alexandra Barry, BS | Email

Alex is a computational biologist, focusing on the genetic architecture of steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome. She received her bachelor’s of science in quantitative biology, with a minor in neuroscience, from the University of North Carolina.


Seongkyu Han, PhD Seongkyu Han, PhD | Email

Seongkyu is a post-doctoral research fellow, being mentored by Dongwon Lee with co-mentorship by Matt Sampson. He received his PhD and completed his first post-doc in the Department of Life Sciences at South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology, where machine learning and network models for human disease studies. Here, Seongkyu is working to understand kidney gene regulation from a cell-specific perspective and to develop methods to make best use of existing epigenomic data.


Anya Greenberg, BS Anya Greenberg, BS | Email

Anya is a computation biologist, studying gene regulation of kidney and immune cells to help decipher the genomic basis of pediatric kidney diseases. She received her bachelor’s of science in data science, with a concentration in biology and a minor in Japanese, from the University of Rochester. As an undergraduate, Anya worked in Dr. Amanda Larracuente’s evolutionary genomics lab studying repetitive DNA profiles. She used data visualization and machine learning models to better understand the evolutionary impact of repeat dynamics. In her free time, Anya enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and getting lost in the woods.


Ana Onuchic-Whitford, MD Ana Onuchic-Whitford, MD | Email

Ana is a physician-scientist, completing her training in combined nephrology fellowship program at Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s hospitals. She received her medical degree from University of São Paulo (USP) and completed her residency in internal medicine at USP and then at the University of Connecticut. Ana’s research focuses on the role of rare variants in the pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome.


Leslie Spaneas, MPH, RN, CCRP Leslie Spaneas, MPH, RN, CCRP | Email

Leslie is a research nurse. She earned her bachelor’s of science in nursing from the University of Florida and completed her MPH education at Boston University School of Public Health. Leslie has extensive experience coordinating pediatric nephrology research. She was the nurse coordinator for the lead research team in numerous National Institutes of Health-sponsored multicenter clinical trials to advance renal transplantation in children. Her experience includes clinical trials of investigational medications and devices, and research involving the genetics and genomics of kidney, urinary tract, and related disorders.