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School Transition and Readiness (STAR) Project Developmental mechanisms of perception and language in the infant brain Early Detection of Impaired Cortical Function in Rett Syndrome Gender Exploration of Neurogenetics and Development to Advance Autism Research ASD and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Memory Development in NICU Graduates Infants of Diabetic Mothers at University of Minnesota Response to Changes in Facial Emotional Expression School Transition and Readiness (STAR) Project The Other Age Effect The Other Gender Effect Spatial Memory Development During Childhood Emotional Faces and Developmental Changes in Attention Brain and Behavior in Early Iron Deficiency The Other Species Effect Development of Social Category Perception Rett Syndrome: Phase 2 Clinical Trial Emotional Faces and Changes in Attention Effect of Stress on Brain Function Emotion Processing in Young Children Recognition of Familiar Faces Novelty Preferences in Infancy The Other Race Effect Emotion Processing in Young Children A Perceptual Narrowing Model of Face Recognition Neural Basis of Memory Flexibility in Infancy The Role of Early Experience Face processing specificity in 3 month old Infants McDonnell ASD Project Implicit Learning in Children With Autism