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Research Interests

I discover that one can write a lot about one's interests. It can be very long and detailed. I decided to try not to do that. These, in broad strokes, are my interests:

Synapses. I am interested in why different synapses have different morphologies. I am interested in how signaling molecules travel in and out of the synapse.

Networks. I am interested in how groups of neurons communicate with other groups of neurons. I am interested in feedback inhibition, and, to hand wave, things like feedback inhibition.

Serotonin. There was a war for sake of opiates, but serotonin is intriguing too. I am interested in solving the enigma of serotonin.

Drugs and Pain. I am interested in good and bad, yin and yang.

Behavior. I am interested in thinking about how the brain subserves behavior. Isn't that a requirement for a neuroscientist?