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Researchers | Overview

Rosalyn Adam, PhD - Multi-omics analysis of bladder remodeling; novel mechanisms of smooth muscle contractility, preclinical exploration and treatment of neurogenic bladder.

Min Dong, PhD - Molecular, structural, and cellular mechanisms of bacterial toxins, molecular mechanism of botulinum neurotoxin actions, translational research on developing novel therapeutic toxins, membrane trafficking pathways in neurons and epithelial cells

Carlos Estrada, MD - • Regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, telemedicine, advanced analytics, urodynamics, neurogenic bladder

John Froehlich, PhD - Urinary proteomics, glycomics, glycoproteomics, biomarker discovery, ureteropelvic junction obstruction, urinary tract infection, role of glycosylation in renal damage.

Jordan Kreidberg, MD, PhD - Stem cells for kidney failure, glomerular disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease and Congenital Malformations of the Urogenital System.

Michael Kurtz, MD, MPH - Health services research, fetal urology, prenatal diagnostics, robotic and minimally invasive surgery, urolithiasis (stones), varicocele

Richard Lee, MD - Urinary proteomics, glycomics, glycoproteomics

Joshua Mauney, PhD - Tissue engineering, urinary and gastrointestinal tract surgical research, biomaterials

Erin McNamara, MD - Health Services Research; Health Care Transition and Lifelong Care of Congenital Genitourinary Conditions; Quality Improvement and Measurement of Surgical Outcomes

Caleb Nelson, MD, MPH - • Vesicoureteral reflux, stones, hydronephrosis, medical imaging and screening

Valerie Schumacher, PhD - Glomerular disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease

Scott Wang - Advanced analytics (machine learning, AI), predictive modeling, health services research, urodynamics (signal/software & hardware discovery), business operations analytics

Richard Yu, MD - Robotic surgery, pediatric male sexual health, global health