Current Environment:

Highlights of faculty projects include:

  • Dr. David Briscoe has a long-standing interest in the understanding of chronic allograft rejection, and is studying responses that both sustain and resolve inflammation. Dr. Briscoe's team performs basic discoveries in the area of inflammation resolution, translational studies in animal models of transplantation and is developing assays for the monitoring of patients using precision biomarkers that allow for the risk stratification following transplantation. For more information please go to
  • Dr. Johannes Wedel studies the identification of novel cell types and signaling pathways that regulate T cell-dependent immune responses, with a focus on the modulation of alloimmunity and tolerance induction following transplantation.
  • Dr. Soumitro Pal is uncovering novel signaling mechanisms underlying the cause of the increased risk of cancer in transplant recipients His research focuses on how targeted therapies can prevent post-transplantation cancer, and they have given us clues into molecules that may be useful as monitors of early pre-cancer events so that preventative therapy can be initiated.
  • Dr. Gary Visner has been studying mechanisms of rejection following lung transplantation and novel approaches for prolonging survival. His work has identified novel agents that prolonged lung allograft survival in a mouse lung transplant model.