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How to refer a patient

The field of neuroimmunology has exploded — and with expanding biomarkers, diagnoses, and treatments, the complexity continues to increase. In our Neuroimmunology Center we strive to find the most precise possible diagnosis for every patient, using the most recent research, our experience, and leading-edge diagnostics. We tailor each work-up and multidisciplinary treatment plan to the individual patient. The more precise the neuroimmune diagnosis, the better we can minimize unnecessary medication risks in some patients and be appropriately aggressive to avoid relapses with lifelong consequences in others.

Some patients have chronic conditions that require long-term immunotherapy best managed by a neuroimmunologist or other expert. Others may require only clinical or radiographic monitoring. An individualized follow-up plan will be determined after initial consultation. The center staff will facilitate any follow-up appointments and coordination that need to occur at Boston Children’s and recommend next steps with local providers closer to the patient’s home. A patient’s care can be co-managed with local and Boston Children’s providers to ensure seamless care for patients in a time-sensitive manner.

To refer a patient, please fax pertinent medical records, demographics, and insurance information to 617-730-0285 (Attn: Neuroimmunology Center).

Images can be pushed over electronically via Powershare, Ambra, or Life Image to the Boston Children’s Radiology Dropbox. If you cannot send us images electronically, please mail a disk to the address below:

Boston Children’s Hospital, Fegan 11
300 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA, 02115

You should complete a new patient referral form for every patient and use it as the fax cover sheet. Incomplete information may cause a delay in contacting and scheduling your patient.

Checklist of referral requirements

Necessary to begin referral process:

  • patient name, demographics, and contact information
  • insurance plan and member ID
  • referring diagnosis
  • referring provider and practice location
  • most recent: neurology note, lab results, discharge summaries, EEG report, and MRI reports
  • neuropsychological test results (if applicable)

Appreciated additional materials:

  • referral summary/letter from referring physician 
  • team members: PCP, neurologist contact information 
  • all inpatient discharge summaries
  • all MRI images and official reports 
  • all outpatient neurology clinic notes 
  • all lab results/genetic testing 
  • all EEG reports 
  • all neuropsychological test results (if applicable)
  • new patient referral form

Please call us at 857-218-4794 if you have any questions or concerns.