Current Environment:

Our patients face a diverse range of medical diagnoses and have many concerns and decisions to make related to these diagnoses.

  • You may have just heard about a potential diagnosis and are looking to learn more.
  • You may have been counseled extensively already and are interested in establishing care for you and your baby.
  • You may be seeking another opinion to assist in making decisions about your pregnancy.
  • You may be considering treatment options.

Regardless of what information you have received and where you are in processing that information, we can help.

Our specialists believe in open and honest discussions about imaging findings, test results, and treatment options. We know this information can be overwhelming, and you may be anxious, angry, scared, sad, or several of these at once. That is why our clinical social workers are available for confidential counseling around fetal diagnoses, decision-making, coping with high-risk pregnancies, grief, hospitalization, and chronic illness-related issues.

Maternal Fetal Care Center social workers are members of your care team, and are trained, licensed clinicians who provide a range of services to enhance the quality of your care before, during, and after your visit. In addition to clinical support, our social workers can provide information to assist you with utilizing hospital and community resources, including accommodation and transportation options, as well as potential financial support to help with costs associated with your care. They can also refer you to resources in your community, including counseling, groups, foundations, parent networks, or other types of support.

In addition to our social workers, the following provide information to help plan your visit:

We also recommend the following resources: