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Conditions We Treat | Overview

We diagnose and treat infants and children with lymphatic diseases — rare conditions that involve abnormal growth of the body’s lymphatic vessels.

Conditions we treat include:

Advanced treatments for lymphatic disease

We believe that every case — and every child — is unique. That’s why we place such importance on our process for developing customized treatment plans for every patient.

We analyze several factors — including age, progression of the disease and area of the body affected, among others. Our treatment plans include the expertise of multiple specialists, to guarantee an approach that treats all aspects of your child’s lymphatic disease.

Our treatment options include:

  • lymphatic surgery
  • interventional radiology (minimally invasive procedures)
  • drug therapy

Lymphatic disease registry at Boston Children’s Hospital

Because lymphatic disorders are so rare, the majority of physicians will never treat a child with one. That’s why our team believes it is so important to learn as much as possible about these conditions, long-term effects and treatment outcomes.

Our team truly believes in the importance and value of learning from every patient.

Started in 2012, our Lymphatic Anomalies Registry includes data from around 700 patients. It organizes in one place medical data from patients who tend to see multiple specialists at different hospitals. We’re turning fragmented information into a comprehensive data collection that may include the keys to future treatments and cures.