Current Environment:

The Lymphatic Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is a world leader in diagnosing, treating, and researching rare and complex lymphatic system disease.

Our patients benefit from the most comprehensive treatments options available at any hospital — from surgery and drug therapy to a number of minimally invasive approaches.

Our team of specialists — many of them considered global experts in their field — reviews each case together and develops a customized treatment plan.

Our specialists include:

  • hematologists/oncologists
  • interventional radiologists
  • general, oral, maxillofacial, and plastic surgeons
  • dedicated anesthesiologist

Our approach to lymphatic system disease

Our program is part of our world-renown Vascular Anomalies Center, which is a referral center for children from all corners of the globe with rare or hard-to-treat vascular anomalies. Patients and their families from around the world choose us because we offer:

  • Experience through volume: There are few programs in the world dedicated to these disorders, and most physicians will never treat one. Our Vascular Anomalies Center sees a high volume of patients every year — about 2,500 — and 30 percent of those are lymphatic diseases.
  • Comprehensive treatments: Our team includes specialists in the full range of lymphatic disease treatments options: from minimally invasive treatments and pioneering drug therapies to surgery. That allows us to truly customize each patient’s treatment plan to his or her unique medical needs.
  • Precise diagnosis: Our sharpest lens is the depth and breadth of our experienced team. Your child’s diagnosis includes the opinion of up to 10 specialists. Because we have treated so many cases, we can distinguish the symptoms of lymphatic diseases for a precise diagnosis. That means faster, more targeted treatments. In fact, we change incorrect diagnoses in nearly 50 percent of cases we see.
  • Leading research: We are home to the world’s only database of patients with lymphatic system disease. Our research, insights, and new treatments stem from the invaluable medical data collected from 700 patients in our Lymphatic Anomalies Registry.
  • Consults for national and international patients: Patients unable to travel to Boston may submit their case to our weekly VAC conference, where a team of experts will review your child’s history and advise on the best course of treatment.