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The Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program at Boston Children's Hospital is available to:

  • answer your questions
  • provide you with more information
  • schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment or for general questions, please call 617-355-6955.

Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program

Boston Children’s Hospital

300 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

Phone: 617-355-6955

Fax: 617-730-4601


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Anyone concerned about a known family history or suspected inherited heart condition, or anyone with a family history of sudden unexplained death should discuss this history with their primary care physician.

Providers can refer eligible patients and families to our program, or patients and families can contact our program directly to set up an appointment. We are happy to help you navigate the referral process if necessary.

Eligible patients include:

Patients (or siblings, parents and children of patients) with:

  • a personal history of unexplained cardiac arrest
  • a suspected or known diagnosis or an inherited heart rhythm disorder, including long QT syndrome, CPVT, arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy or Brugada syndrome
  • a suspected or known diagnosis of a cardiomyopathy
  • a family history of sudden, unexplained death in an individual under age 40

Second opinions

For second opinions or to contact one of our physicians directly, please email us. We will respond to emails within two business days.