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Patients have the opportunity to be involved in clinical trials and research initiatives that help our understanding of cardiac genetic conditions and how we can improve care. This research often leads to pioneering treatments that are available here before anywhere else.

Our research includes:

  • designing and holding clinical trials on new therapies
  • understanding how genetic changes lead to specific cardiac conditions and long-term outcomes
  • creating multicenter registries, together with colleagues from other centers, to get the best insights into rare genetic diagnoses
  • devising management guidelines for many of the different conditions we diagnose and treat
Illustrations of heart and brain inside overlapping blue circles.

Research aims to pinpoint genetic connection between autism and heart disease

A study underway at Boston Children’s takes a close look at the genetics of children with neurodevelopment and cardiovascular conditions.

Visit these links to explore the latest clinical and translational research and learn about other groundbreaking initiatives by our physicians’ laboratories. At your next visit, we’ll be happy to discuss our team’s work and how this research could benefit you and your family.

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