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Our multidisciplinary team specializes in establishing an accurate diagnosis, which can be challenging in these complex conditions but is essential to developing the most effective treatment plan possible.

Once a diagnosis is established, physicians from a variety of disciplines work closely to treat the vascular anomaly. This team may include surgeons, cardiologists, dermatologists, pathologists and interventional radiologists, depending on the diagnosis and location of the anomaly. Each specialist has an in-depth understanding of the complex problems associated with these conditions, and the team is known for its highly collaborative efforts − an important factor in successful treatment. The team comes together each week to discuss treatment options, patient history and imaging.

The program offers treatment options not widely available at other centers. We are a leader in developing new clinical trials to improve the standard of care for the most difficult conditions. In addition to offering accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, we follow short- and long-term outcomes to improve care over time.

Boston Children’s Hospital provides extensive resources to diagnose and treat hemangiomas, other rare vascular tumors, vascular malformations, and lymphatic malformations. Our team stays in close contact with each family’s referring physician to ensure that patients receive coordinated care.