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Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

Background information on FXS

Did I do anything to cause Fragile X Syndrome?
What causes Fragile X Syndrome?
What is methylation?
I heard only boys have Fragile X Syndrome. Why does my daughter have it also?
Is there a cure?

Family members and family planning

Could my brothers and sisters have children with Fragile X Syndrome?
If I am a premutation carrier, am I at risk for anything?
I want more children. Is there any way to tell whether I will have another child with Fragile X Syndrome?

Potential medical problems

My child has/had feeding problems. Is this going to be a lifelong problem?
I've heard that children and adults with Fragile X Syndrome may have significant behavior issues. What can be done to manage behaviors?
My child suffers from seizures. Is this common in Fragile X Syndrome?
My child has been referred to an ophthalmologist, but he doesn't seem to have any vision problems.
Toilet or potty training has been an issue, especially at night. What can I do?
I read that people with Fragile X Syndrome have connective tissue problems. What does this mean?
Will my son with Fragile X Syndrome go through puberty normally?
My daughter appears to be starting puberty. What should I expect?
Will my child be able to have children?
Are there heart problems associated with Fragile X Syndrome?
I heard that infertility can be a problem for fragile X carriers and that menopause may occur early. Is this correct?
My father is starting to develop a tremor which the doctors think could be Parkinson's disease. I read somewhere that male fragile X premutation carriers are at risk for neurological problems. Is Parkinson's one of them?