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Patient Resources | Overview

There’s a lot to know about complex biventricular repair. There’s understanding the several surgical procedures that aim to treat single ventricle heart defects, but there are also other things to consider, including diagnostic testing, planning, and recovery. We’ve compiled a wide variety of resources (videos, stories, webpages) that will hopefully give your family the answers you need as your child prepares for biventricular repair.

Biventricular repair patient stories

Hundreds of children have come to Boston Children’s for complex biventricular repair — and many hundreds more have had operations closer to their homes thanks to our surgeons training doctors across the world. Read these patients’ stories.

Heart Center webinars

Cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and other clinicians explain how the Benderson Family Heart Center approaches heart care in this series of webinars.

The surgeries of ventricular repair

Boston Children’s offers several different surgeries that improve a child’s ventricular anatomy and their circulation. These videos break down how those surgeries work and how they benefit heart patients.

Q&As: Everything you need to know about biventricular repair

Our team always reviews with families every detail of complex biventricular repair in the larger context of their child’s individualized care plan. But it’s sometimes helpful to have those details explained again. In these videos, our experts go over the basics of biventricular repair and the many components of your child’s future care.