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The Child Life Services Department works to guide, educate, and support children and families through healthcare experiences. The multidisciplinary Child Life Services team considers each child and family’s emotional, social, cognitive, developmental, and cultural needs when determining interventions to enhance coping and support psychosocial needs. Using modalities such as play, music, creative arts, and technology, the Child Life Services team strives to help patients and families adjust to and understand healthcare.

Watch: How can child life support your family?

Caitlin McGowan, a member of Boston Children’s Child Life Services Department, talks about Child Life's role in a patient's care.

How to contact us

Ask your nurse or a member of your healthcare team if you would like to meet with a member of our Child Life Services team.

Child Life Services
Boston Children’s Hospital
300 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
Office (voicemail only): 617-355-6551
Email (we will respond within 72 hours):

Child life specialists also assist patients in Boston Children’s satellite locations Monday to Friday:

Preparing for your visit to Boston Children’s

Coming to the hospital can be a scary experience for children of all ages. Research has illustrated that adequate and developmentally appropriate preparation can improve experiences for children and families. Child life specialists are available to provide one-to-one consultation in preparing your child for a hospital visit. My Hospital Story is a visual narrative that can be used with patients of a wide variety of ages and developmental levels.

Comfort positions are ways to hold a child during procedures to help them feel safer and less frightened. In this video, you will learn several different positions to use during various medical procedures. If you would like to use a comfort position during your medical visit, you can discuss it with your care team or ask about connecting with Child Life Services.

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