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Child life specialists work to enhance patients’ emotional, social, and cognitive growth during a hospital visit, taking into consideration each child’s family, culture, and developmental needs. They use developmental interventions and play to help patients and families adjust to and understand their health care experiences. For more information about child life specialists, visit the Association for Child Life Professionals.

Child Life specialists:

  • promote patients’ development by normalizing daily routines, activities, and environment
  • educate and prepare patients and families about the healthcare experience in an approach that meets their individual needs
  • provide individualized support to siblings of hospitalized children
  • encourage developmentally appropriate activities and play
  • help patients enhance their coping skills when dealing with fear, pain, anxiety, and separation from family, friends, and their familiar environments
  • provide consultation to healthcare team and supports families regarding patients’ developmental and psychosocial issues
  • provide individualized support before, during, and after medical procedures
  • facilitate medical play in individual and group settings
  • promote family centered care by offering information, advocacy, and guidance
  • educate hospital staff about child development and related issues
  • initiate tutoring support for patients missing school due to hospitalization
  • support celebrations of milestones including birthdays and holidays
  • supervise and train student interns and volunteers

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