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The Boston Hemophilia Center, New England's largest hemophilia treatment center (HTC), is a federally supported HTC that provides comprehensive care for children, adolescents, and young adults diagnosed with bleeding disorders. As a joint program between Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and Brigham Health, we are able to provide a smooth transition from pediatric to adult bleeding disorder care teams.

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Learn about our patients and their families whose experiences with bleeding disorders offer hope and help to others.

Why choose the Boston Hemophilia Center?

As an HTC, we treat the whole person and family through continuous oversight of all the medical and psychosocial aspects of bleeding disorder care. This means every facet of care is addressed, from physical to emotional to psychological and financial. It is a model that vastly improves the quality of health and life for people with bleeding disorders, so they can live more productive and independent lives.

Our team

The Boston Hemophilia Center team works together to monitor all aspects of living with a bleeding disorder, so that our patients and families receive the best care possible. Our care model emphasizes multidisciplinary care and encourages patient and family participation. We involve as many specialists as needed:

Access to new treatment approaches through clinical research

Investigators at Boston Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital participate in large, multi-center research studies for bleeding disorders, as well as lead smaller independent initiatives to help improve treatment. Significant advances in preventing bleeding episodes and better treatment options means those with hemophilia suffer fewer damaging consequences than ever before. Learn more about the latest research.

Seamless transition to adult care

We form close relationships with our patients and families. When young adults (generally ages 18 to 22) are ready to transfer their care to an adult provider team, we offer a seamless transition to adult-side of our HTC located at Brigham and Women's and Brigham and Women's Faulkner hospitals. We enable individuals with bleeding disorders and their families to manage their health as independently as possible.

Bleeding disorders services

We offer treatment for hemophilia A and B, von Willebrand disease, and rare factor deficiencies. Patients are offered full-service outpatient and hospital services.

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment

Our model of patient care is designed to provide integrated, multidisciplinary care to patients of all ages and their families. By emphasizing early diagnosis and intervention to prevent disease complications, our specialists create a positive impact on the health, lifestyle, and long-term well-being of people with bleeding and clotting disorders.

Continuous medical management

We have a dedicated team of care specialists who serve as a helpful resource between clinic visits. Hematology providers are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Counseling and support

Our social workers are expert resources for emotional counseling, financial assistance, school and work advocacy, crisis intervention, and referrals to pertinent community resources.

Home delivery of factor products and supplies

Our Factor Program was established as an independent, non-profit factor delivery service in 1999. The program seamlessly integrates cost-effective pharmacy services with your care. This program also supports HTC education events.

Genetic counseling and testing

Genetic counseling is available to help families understand the genetic implications of having a bleeding disorder.

Specialized care for young women

The Young Women with Bleeding Clinic includes the specialties of Hematology, Adolescent Medicine, and Gynecology. Our clinic offers a collaborative approach to the diagnosis and management of heavy menstrual bleeding in young women.