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About double dipping

Double dipping is the ability to use the single effort of following the BCH Message Banking Process™ to also create a custom synthetic voice from 750+ banked messages. The goal is to judiciously use the time of someone who is at risk of losing their ability to speak and minimize fatigue.

Costello, 2018

Many people want to follow the Message Banking™ process so they will have authentic recordings with their intonation, emotion, and personality. Many of those same people want to have a custom synthetic voice. People with ALS are often focused on using their energy well and have asked if their message banked message could be used to create a voice bank. While the answer was no for a very long time, the ALS Augmentative Communication Program relentlessly pushed back on this until one company initially (Acapela) explored how it could address our request.

In 2018, Acapela modified its technology to accommodate using banked messages as the raw material. The Jay S. Fishman ALS Augmentative Communication Program labeled this process initiated with Acapela as "double dipping." Within the past two years, this process, which requires the use of our free website, can be achieved in several languages.

Since then, others companies will now support double dipping.

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