Current Environment:

Use sticky keys to press keyboard keys "in a row" that you usually have to press together (like the shift key).

To turn on/off sticky keys, press the shift key five times in a row.

When you turn on sticky keys, you will get a "sticky keys notification box."

The first time you turn on sticky keys — click on “Go to Ease of Access Center to disable the keyboard shortcut” on the notification box.

  • "Set Up Sticky Keys" box appears
  • Check "Turn on Sticky Keys"
  • Under "Keyboard Shortcut":
    • Check "Turn on Stick Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times"
    • Check "Display a warning message when turning on a setting"
    • Check "Make a sound when turning a setting on or off"
  • Under "Options":
    • Uncheck "lock modifier key when pressed twice in a row"
    • Uncheck "turn sticky keys off if two keys are pressed at once"
  • Under "Feedback" check "Play a sound when modifier keys are pressed"
    • Check "Display the sticky keys icon on the task bar"
  • Click "OK"
  • Brings you to Ease of Access Center. Close this box.

You have now turned on and set up sticky keys. The next time you log into your computer, sticky keys should be on. If it is not, press the shift key five times in a row. When the Sticky Keys notification box appears, you don’t need to go to settings again, just click "yes."