Current Environment:

Tamar Katz | Education

Undergraduate School

Harvard University

2001, Cambridge, MA

Graduate School

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

2012, New York, NY



Massachusetts General Hospital

2014, Boston, MA



Massachusetts General Hospital

2017, Boston, MA


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Boston Children's Hospital

2019, Boston, MA

Tamar Katz | Professional History

I am a licensed, board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. I currently work as a pediatric neuropsychiatrist in the department of psychiatry at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as running a private practice. I completed medical school at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, and my PhD in developmental genetics as a visiting student in the lab of Dr. Clifford Tabin (chair of genetics at Harvard Medical School).

After medical school I attended psychiatry resident at Massachusetts General Hospital where I was a chief resident, followed by child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital where I served as chief fellow. I also completed additional training as a part time fellow in the neuropsychiatry fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. I currently specialize in treating children with neuropsychiatric conditions

Tamar Katz | Publications

My goal is to provide stellar mental health care for you or your loved one in a supportive and nurturing environment. I provide medication services, psychotherapy (with or without medication), and parent guidance sessions. I am happy to coordinate with teachers, therapists, employers, primary care doctors, family members, or other mental health professionals who you feel may be helpful in creating the best overall picture of your or your child’s mental health and allow for coordinated care for the best possible outcome for you or your child. I will never contact anyone without your consent.