Current Environment:

Tamar Gomes | Education

Undergraduate School

University of North Carolina

2002, Chapel Hill, NC

Graduate School

Gallaudet University

2007, Washington, DC

Tamar Gomes | Professional History

Tamar Gomes, AuD is the Specialty Audiologist in Electrophysiology. She provides diagnostic audiology services for pediatric patients. As the Specialty Audiologist in Electrophysiology at BCH, Dr. Gomes focuses on current trends in electrophysiology testing, as well as keeping the large audiology staff up to date on best practices in electrophysiology. In addition to diagnostic audiology and providing amplification services, Dr. Gomes is also involved in audiology documentation software development, and healthcare data management and informatics. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then attended Gallaudet University where she earned her Doctorate in Audiology followed by externship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She has been an Audiologist proudly working at BCH since 2007.

I really enjoy helping others as much as possible. Through my practice I try to provide answers to questions and solutions to challenges as often as I can while looking at the whole picture. What I enjoy most is turning the job and work into something enjoyable. I want my patients to feel more like they had a fun playdate and less like a scary doctor's appointment.