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Nouha Georges | Medical Services


  • Arabic
  • Spanish

Nouha Georges | Education

Undergraduate School

Boston University

2012, Boston, MA

Graduate School

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2017, Amherst, MA

Medical School

Tufts University School of Medicine

2020, Boston, MA

Nouha Georges | Professional History

Nouha has a well-rounded background in the medical field. She has practiced in pediatrics in primary care, particularly with children from a low income population. She also has experience in research in public health, with a focus on lifestyle interventions for pregnant Latina women. She has worked as a phlebotomist, an EMT, and as a graduate lab assistant. She completed a Fellowship working with young women with eating disorders throughout her undergraduate studies, and she has won graduate awards for throughout her academic career in public health.

I believe that being a good provider means listening to patients, their families, and understanding that there is more to medicine than just diagnosing. I strive to advocate for the overall well-being of my patients, both mentally and physically, especially when they are unable to advocate for themselves.