Current Environment:

Kelsey Shea | Education

Undergraduate School

Bridgewater University

2013, Bridgewater, MA

Graduate School

Assumption College

2015, Worcester, MA

Kelsey Shea | Professional History

Kelsey has worked in various mental health settings treating children and families. Kelsey graduated from Assumption College with a degree in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a concentration in family and child interventions. Kelsey has experience working with children in a residential group home setting as well as providing crisis interventions in the community at hospitals, schools and homes. Kelsey has experience treating mood disorders, anxiety, learning disorders, trauma related disorders and more. Kelsey recently transitioned from crisis interventions to provide ongoing support and psychoeducation for children and their families in an integrated setting.

My goal as a Behavioral Health Provider is to work with children and their families as a team to build strength and resiliency. I have found that using Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help identify negative thought patterns that can impact how children act and feel. I want patient's to recognize this is a safe place to process difficult feelings and life stressors.