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David Fogelman | Education

Medical School

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

2009, New York, NY


Columbia University, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center

2010, New York, NY


Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

2013, Boston, MA


Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

2015, Chicago, IL

David Fogelman | Certifications

  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (General)
  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine)

David Fogelman | Professional History

David Fogelman, MD began his professional career in engineering school and learned a lot about how to look at the world in terms of cause and effect. He worked in R&D for a Fortune 500 technology company for a few years after college before leaving the field for medical school. Having an engineer’s mind and a doctor’s training really helps him efficiently find what he can do best for his patients and colleagues.

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Most people, no matter how many physicians they need to see, spend an overwhelming majority of their time working, playing, and living their lives outside of the doctor’s office. As a practitioner of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, I am responsible for helping my patients define their relationships with their lives outside of the time they spend in my direct care.

It is an honor, a privilege, and above all a great adventure to work with children and adolescents with special needs. Underlying all that I do is the fundamental belief that all kids of any age and any level of ability deserve the opportunity to laugh, play, and cause some trouble. I know I can help with that.