Testing & Diagnosis for Thumb duplication (pre-axial polydactyly) in Children

At Boston Children's Hospital, we understand that the first step to treating your child is obtaining an accurate, timely and thorough diagnosis.

A baby’s thumb duplication can sometimes be seen prenatally in ultrasound, and it’s apparent at the baby’s birth. Your doctor will:

   •   take a thorough medical and family history
   •   conduct a careful physical exam
   •   use x-rays to assess the underlying structure of your baby’s thumb and
       hand and determine a course of treatment

International patients seeking care

As an international pediatric orthopedics center, Boston Children’s cares for young patients from all over the world. Our International Center assists families residing outside the United States: facilitating the medical review of patient records; coordinating appointment scheduling; and helping families with customs and immigration, transportation, hotel and housing accommodations.