Pulmonary hypertension pediatric research and clinical trials

Boston Children’s Hospital is home to the world’s most extensive research enterprise at a pediatric hospital. We also have many partnerships with the top research, biotech and health care organizations, and we work together to find innovative ways to improve kids’ health.

Thanks to advances in basic science and clinical research, better therapies for pulmonary hypertension are being developed every year.

  • We are a leader in the use of nitric oxide, prostacyclin analogs, endothelin antagonists and other investigational therapies to treat both idiopathic and secondary pulmonary hypertension in children.
  • Researchers and doctors have conducted a quality of life study for patients with pulmonary hypertension in an effort to identify strategies to improve development.

Current therapeutic trials include:

  • evaluation of a new, more efficient way of delivering inhaled nitric oxide
  • study of the long-term effects of ambrisentan. Used to treat PH, this medicine can help make exercise and breathing easier.