Treatments for Neurocutaneous Syndromes in children

Undoubtedly, you were distressed when you learned that your child has a neurocutaneous syndrome. That's understandable — there is no known cure for these conditions and they can sometimes be complicated to treat.

However, you're in the right place. Our experienced team of physicians understands how to treat these complex syndromes and help your child live a healthy, happy life.

How will my child's syndrome be treated?

These syndromes are complicated conditions, and they affect different kids in different ways.

  • The first step is to have your child evaluated by members of an experienced interdisciplinary medical team.
  • No single specialist can manage these syndromes and their associated problems, as different interventional techniques and surgical procedures are often needed. 

Because there is no cure for these syndromes — and they're progressive conditions — we believe that treating your child's symptoms is the most effective way to manage the disease.

So how will my child's symptoms be managed?

We recommend that your child be treated by an interdisciplinary team that may include the following healthcare providers:

  • pediatrician/family practitioner
  • neurologist — a physician who specializes in conditions of the brain and nerves
  • neurosurgeon — a surgeon who specializes in operating on the brain and spinal cord
  • orthopaedic surgeon — a surgeon who specializes in conditions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone
  • ophthalmologist — a physician who specializes in conditions of the eye
  • nurse
  • rehabilitation team (physical, occupational, speech therapy, audiology)

For treatment information specific to your child's syndrome, click one of the links below: