Current Environment:

Post Road Pediatrics now has the ability to do some visits via telehealth. There are two types of telehealth encounters that we can offer:

  1. A video-based "virtual visit" with your physician (or a covering physician) using the Epic Video Visits application. This is similar to FaceTime but is on a secure line for your privacy. This would be scheduled as an appointment on your doctor's schedule during the clinic day with the goal to essentially replace a visit that would otherwise be done in person. If you wish to schedule a virtual visit, please call our office today to speak with a triage nurse. Please review the instructions here for how we are conducting our virtual visits.
  2. A telephone encounter (phone call without video) with your physician. This can be helpful for situations when you may have some questions that don't require a scheduled visit but which you wish to discuss with your provider by telephone. The timing of these Encounters will vary, depending on when your call is received and on your provider's availability to return calls. If your doctor is in the office that day, you should expect a call back the same day. If you wish to request a Telephone Encounter, simply call our office and make a request and our triage team can help assess if it is safe to wait for a call back, and to help determine if a telephone call is appropriate for your specific concern or if a virtual visit vs in-office visit may be necessary instead.